5 Common Water Filtration Methods

It’s very important to ensure that your water has been treated before drinking. The method by which water is treated, or purified before use is what we call Water Filtration. It’s simply the process of removing unwanted mineral particles or pollutants such as sediments, salts and other harmful chemicals from water. This process can be achieved by use of water softener or filter.

Drinking Water

When it comes to making your water safe for drinking, the following five water filtration methods will help you to understand and make a decision on which method that will suit your need.

  1. Reverse Osmosis

This process is regarded to be the best water filtration method. It is achieved by using Reverse Osmosis Filter, which removes all sorts of contaminants from water, which are harmful to your health. Using this method will provide you with clean water that is also odor-free.

  1. Distillation

Distillation is a physical method of water filtration. It involves heating water until it vaporizes. The vapor is then cooled by a condenser container and the end result is pure distilled water.

By using this method, you will be able to remove all the impurities such as salts, minerals, sediment and other chemical presence in water. However, this method is not highly recommended in the treatment of water for drinking. This is because it removes even the minerals that are required by our body

  1. UV Filtration

This method is one of the newest technologies available in the market. It is achieved by a water softener called UV filter, which treats water using Ultra-violet radiation. When UV rays are exposed to the micro-organisms present in the water, the DNA of micro-organisms absorbs the rays. The DNA is then altered and made inactive making them to permanently die. These micro-organisms, which are harmful to our health are therefore removed efficiently using this method.

In addition, if your desire is to use an environmental friendly method to purify your water, then UV filtration should be your best choice since its effectiveness does not depend on the use of any chemicals or additional heat.

  1. Electrolysis Method

This method uses Water Ionizer to purify water. A water ionizer is built with plates that are electrically charged over which water is passed through them. These plates are separated into an alkaline stream and acidic stream. This method does not only give you soft water but also low-acidic water that is much better for your skin as well.

  1. Carbon Filtration

Carbon filtration method makes use of water softener device like Activated Carbon Filters. This method is effective in removing large particles including sediments and silt from your water. This softener works by attracting and absorbing these particles. The method reduces the amount of chlorine and any other pollutant that can make your water smelly. Therefore, Carbon Filtration aims at providing you with odorless water that tastes much better.

Water filtration is very crucial. It ensures that your family is free from dangers possessed by consumption of contaminated water. It is therefore important to choose a method of water filtration for your home.

Usually, the method you chose will also depend on the number of factors such as the quality of water available in your area. The quality of water is vital. If you are not sure about the quality of water, it’s advisable to engage the professionals so that they advise you on the appropriate method of filtration to take.

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