First released in the year 2017, The Disaster Artist is based on a true-life story of an infamous Tommy Wiseau. After its release in December 2017, the movie received many positive reviews even from critics. This is mainly because of the role of James Franco as Tommy Wiseau and the humour of the film. This film earned James Franco an award as best actor-musical or comedy and the film got nominated for the Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.


A teenage Greg meets with Tommy while they are in acting class. In the acting class, they also meet Jean Shelton who tears apart a scene Tommy was performing of A Streetcar Named Desire. Tommy’s fearlessness in the scene impresses Greg and they become close friends. They later relocated to Los Angeles where they intend to pursue their acting career. The going is good for Greg who gets a job with a talent agent has a stable relationship with a girl, Amber. Tommy, on the other hand, gets discouraged as he is rejected by countless agencies and directors. After a while, Greg also gets frustrated as his auditions become less frequent an finally dry up. He shares this with his friend Tommy who decides to write a film, The Room, which is about a banker, his fiancée and best friend. Greg was reluctant to accept the role of best friend, Mark. Tommy buys all the equipment required for the shooting and producing of the film despite the very expensive cost. After production begins, working with Tommy becomes difficult. his is because he is always late, he is always forgetting his lines and even worse, he does not provide basic amenities like drinking water to his crew. Tommy even goes ahead to humiliate an actor, Juliette, due to her acne while in preparation for a sex scene. Greg meets a movie star who invites him to play a minor role which requires him to have a beard which he required for The Room. Tommy does not, however, accept to postpone the shooting even as Greg begged him to. This made Greg annoyed and he accused Tommy of his selfishness. During the premiere of the Room, where Greg was also invited, the audience’s reaction is not pleasing to Tommy who walks away only to be comforted by Greg. He tells him that the audience is delighted and Tommy walks back and receives a standing ovation from the audience.


The movie is funny and very entertaining. The movie has easily transformed the true story of an infamous Tommy Wiseau into a very funny movie. It is also very easy to understand The Disaster Artist even without having to watch The Room. The Room which has been constantly ranked as the worst ever produced movie has been retold in a hilarious way in The Disaster Artist film. This has helped to satisfy fans of The Room and those people who thought The Room was boring at the same time. The Disaster Artist is however dimmed as shallow because there is no room to say much. It does not give the tale of normal Hollywood films to sell the fairy tale of fortune and fame.


James Franco, the producer of The Disaster Artist has done a good job of retelling the most boring film of all time in a very funny and entertaining way. Franco also produced the film with very popular artists who are also his close friends. He has also incorporated the initial actors of The Room. This has made The Disaster Artist a better film than The Room.


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