What to Expect From the ‘Isle of Dogs’ Film

Wes Anderson, a renowned and modern director, made public his next film; “the Isle of Dogs,” sending the internet and social media abuzz.

About the Director

Wes Anderson has been in the film industry for quite some time. He has authored “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” in 2014 as well as The Fantastic Mr. Fox in the year 2009. The two movies earned multiple Oscar nominations.

As a film director, Anderson adopts a unique style. The films are idiosyncratic, with each of the frames being symmetrical. The use of large and steady cameras make it easier for him to direct the stage and the performers by merely moving the camera.

The movie trailer released in September last year shows that Anderson will use the same style and focus. But with the stop-motion allowing Anderson control over the set and the performers.

About the Movie

The movie revolves its focus around the decision of the mayor to isolate dogs to the “trash island.” A teenage boy, Atari Kobayashi, around twelve years of age, ventures into the island to search for Spot, his dog. Five mutts led by Bryan Cranston, the chief decide to help Atari.

The Cast

The movie boasts of the most star-studded and expensive cast to be seen in the recent days. The film stars include Koyu Rankin, Edward Norton, Bryan Cranston, Courtney B. Vance, Scarlett Johansson, and Bill Murray among others.

What to Expect from the Movie


It’s no secret that Anderson prefers to use some of the actors from his recent films. The inclusion of Edward Norton and Tilda Swinton is the proof for this; all acted “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” With this new film, Wes Anderson is seen to be going about his usual past. However, he has managed to raise the overall cast significantly. With 24 actors showing on the movie’s poster, it is impressive to experience how Anderson maintains that large cast.

The diverse cast; from Japan and America will help the film get the realism and authenticity to sell in the American market.

Darker Territory

If you are looking for same homely charm and sweet episodes of The Fantastic Mr Fox, you better watch elsewhere. At the opening, the trailer makes it clear that the film will not show or possess a similar tone as in Anderson past movies.

The trailer depicts an innocent dog being detained in the cage as the narrator gives a clear and brief description of the film. The film set is a unique society that exiles dogs away from the community and civilization. The usage of dark colour palette helps communicate the theme and the message of the play. The film humour stems from the five main dogs that are apparently tired of being in solitude. They are King, Rex, Boss, Duke, and Chief.


“The Isle of Dogs” will be among the top hit of Wes Anderson when it shows in the theatre. By having the talented cast, fears of anti-diversity will be thoroughly addressed. Do not fail to catch it when it releases in March 2018.

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Ingrid Goes West: A Dark Take on Social Media

Ingrid Goes West is the latest satire to address social media. The film directed by Matt Spicer stars Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Rec) as Ingrid who is forced into a psych facility for developing stalker tendencies through Instagram. Upon release she gets her phone back and returns to her virtual stalker tendencies, now she’s focused on a social media star. The star Taylor, played by Elizabeth Olsen has become a major hit on Instagram and has the perfect like: hot husband, healthy and fit. She even calls herself a treasure hunter and castle builder. Taylor is even now paid to advertise brands.

Ingrid works to turn herself into her and finds a way to insert herself into Taylor’s life by pretending she rescued her dog. She then is able to get even more involved in Taylor’s life, which concerns her husband and her brother. This film turns into a dark comedy with a big dose of strange narrative. Matt Spicer grabs themes from dark films like Single White Female. This film is strongly focused on how millennial women rely on social media and use it to boost feelings of belonging and also highlight Instagram’s power over people and the toxicity of the app.

Ingrid has led a creepy life which has involved destroying a wedding of someone she obsessed over. This forced her to move to Los Angeles, where she ended up meeting Taylor. The surprising factor is how much social media is not a part of films, it’s become a natural part of life for many people. While Matt Spicer addresses social media, he doesn’t outright attack it. Instead he offers a warning to those who spend time with social media. The film is great because of it’s relevance in today’s world. Taylor is not presented as evil or pretentious. She’s just a simple girl trying to make a living.

Elizabeth Olson kills it as Taylor, delivering a believable performance of someone who is happy, sincere and pleasant. The movie does not really answer whether she is as true as her Instagram presents her to be. With this full length focus on social media, the film lacks in any sincerity in dealing with social media use. The film eventually begins to flop around as it nears the end, as the story-lines begin to fade away and you forget the point of the whole mess. However, just like social media, Matt Spicer has made it so you don’t know who is really telling the truth. The film’s supporting cast is a pleasant surprise with Billy Magnussen and O’Shea Jackson Jr.

If you’re looking for a movie that is relevant in today’s environment, then Ingrid Goes West is the best film available. The film is put together great with the help of Matt Spicer and his casting choice of Elizabeth Olsen and Aubrey Plaza. It is definitely a unique take on stalker movies. Plaza delivers a rich performance that she’s not often given the opportunity to do. The film is a unique story for what is currently coming out of Hollywood.

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First released in the year 2017, The Disaster Artist is based on a true-life story of an infamous Tommy Wiseau. After its release in December 2017, the movie received many positive reviews even from critics. This is mainly because of the role of James Franco as Tommy Wiseau and the humour of the film. This film earned James Franco an award as best actor-musical or comedy and the film got nominated for the Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.


A teenage Greg meets with Tommy while they are in acting class. In the acting class, they also meet Jean Shelton who tears apart a scene Tommy was performing of A Streetcar Named Desire. Tommy’s fearlessness in the scene impresses Greg and they become close friends. They later relocated to Los Angeles where they intend to pursue their acting career. The going is good for Greg who gets a job with a talent agent has a stable relationship with a girl, Amber. Tommy, on the other hand, gets discouraged as he is rejected by countless agencies and directors. After a while, Greg also gets frustrated as his auditions become less frequent an finally dry up. He shares this with his friend Tommy who decides to write a film, The Room, which is about a banker, his fiancée and best friend. Greg was reluctant to accept the role of best friend, Mark. Tommy buys all the equipment required for the shooting and producing of the film despite the very expensive cost. After production begins, working with Tommy becomes difficult. his is because he is always late, he is always forgetting his lines and even worse, he does not provide basic amenities like drinking water to his crew. Tommy even goes ahead to humiliate an actor, Juliette, due to her acne while in preparation for a sex scene. Greg meets a movie star who invites him to play a minor role which requires him to have a beard which he required for The Room. Tommy does not, however, accept to postpone the shooting even as Greg begged him to. This made Greg annoyed and he accused Tommy of his selfishness. During the premiere of the Room, where Greg was also invited, the audience’s reaction is not pleasing to Tommy who walks away only to be comforted by Greg. He tells him that the audience is delighted and Tommy walks back and receives a standing ovation from the audience.


The movie is funny and very entertaining. The movie has easily transformed the true story of an infamous Tommy Wiseau into a very funny movie. It is also very easy to understand The Disaster Artist even without having to watch The Room. The Room which has been constantly ranked as the worst ever produced movie has been retold in a hilarious way in The Disaster Artist film. This has helped to satisfy fans of The Room and those people who thought The Room was boring at the same time. The Disaster Artist is however dimmed as shallow because there is no room to say much. It does not give the tale of normal Hollywood films to sell the fairy tale of fortune and fame.


James Franco, the producer of The Disaster Artist has done a good job of retelling the most boring film of all time in a very funny and entertaining way. Franco also produced the film with very popular artists who are also his close friends. He has also incorporated the initial actors of The Room. This has made The Disaster Artist a better film than The Room.


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Movie Review: Baby Driver

If you are a fan of fast and furious movies but with a little more twist and thrill then Baby Driver is the one you will enjoy the most. Although the title of the movie sounds like a fairytale and feminine, the movie has loads of action, stunts, and mystery in it. So you are surely going to experience one hell of a ride throughout the movie with an amazing storyline and beautiful cinematography. There are a lot of inspiring music tracks that you can enjoy here too.

Star Cast

Apart from a great new story and action-packed sequences, the movie has an amazing cast that adds to success. The movie circles around a character Baby played by Ansel Elgort and his struggle to find redemption. Kevin Spacey is portrayed as a godfather but a very insane and inhuman character who turns out to be the master of all plots. With Jami Foxx’s great balance of fun and sophistication, you are sure to find the team very entertaining. Lily James plays Deborah, a waitress at a local diner who becomes the love of Baby’s life very quickly and easily in the movie.

The Plot

Baby is the guy suffering from acute tinnitus as a result of a car accident in his childhood that took the life of his parents. Due to his severe condition, he hears a constant humming sound inside his ears. To get rid of them, Baby is always hooked to his iPods with every iPod created for different moods and has tracks to fit his moods. So you can listen to those tracks on several occasion during the movie. He is also a great driver with impeccable skills but does the mistake of stealing a car once. It belonged to Doc played by Kevin Spacey, a dangerous criminal. The car had something of great value and Baby is now bound to work for Doc as a compensation for the losses.
Baby’s job is to transport the criminals after their heists and dirty jobs, without getting caught by the cops. Now, this is where it gets thrilling as every team of criminals he picks up is a new challenge until it gets worse when two teams of bad ones join hands to make the deadliest plot. A series of unexpected events occur that make him desperate to escape his criminal life and from the doc.

The Saint Mode

Baby is living with a foster parent who is a black blind man but getting all the love and attention of Baby. He is also very deeply in love with Deborah the waitress and that is when he badly wants to get out and live an American dream with her. But he still has a debt that he owes doc or at least that’s what the doc claims.
Overall, this movie makes fast and furious look boring as there is non-stop action, thrilling moments, twists and adventure. Baby Driver is definitely none of its kind movie that makes you go crazy with never before seen car stunts and action sequences.
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Good Time Movie Review

Good Time is a drama and crime based film available on ShowBox for Windows 10. In the movie Nikas (who is Robert Pattinson) is on a mission to save his younger brother Nick (who is Benny Safdie) out from jail. Nick was landed in prison after a bank robbery which was done by a carelessly manner. Robert Pattinson is now out a mission to save his younger brother out from jail by fighting all the way through lot many difficulties and underworld gangs. With time running by and fighting against all the odds; he must save both his younger brother & his life. Connie’s one night will be full of adrenaline rush as he must do everything right before time runs out.

Good time is directors by Benny Safdie & Josh Safdie. The movie is written by Ronald Bronstein & Josh Safdie. Good time is main featured by stars Robert Pattinson, Benny Safdie, and Jennifer Jason Leigh. This move depicts an incredible and motivational love of the elder brother towards his mentally disabled younger brother. Also motivated by an almost awesome sense of emotion for his mentally disabled brother, Nick, and an burst mixture of the extreme urge to do things well and quick and a need for a well balanced life, he got involved in a quick easy job of robbing the bank. Connie, involves his younger brother Nick in a poor & weak security bank robbery; Connie thought it to be very much easy & fast enough.

But the things took a wrong turn indeed. Just carelessness in the mission of bank robbery and his younger brother is sent to jail. No Connie must do something overnight so as to free his younger broth Nick; else he would be sent to the
Rikers Island. Now Connie must fight against all odds to save his younger brother’s life. He just have one full adrenaline night to make the things right. He must do badly for something good at the end; that is to save his younger brother Nick from being sent to the Rikers Island. Here is one the review from a user in IMDB.

Good Time is one of the best crime thriller movies ; Robert Pattinson (Connie in movie) further adds daring into the movie. This movie is directed by Ben & Safdie Josh. Robert Pattinson commits one small careless cum silly mistake in a bank robbery which lands his younger brother Nick in prison. The rest of the movie shows the love and devotion towards his younger brother; Connie left no stone unturned to save his younger brother from sent back to the Rikers Island. He just has one night to save his younger brother and this have caused him to create mayhem and violence and also put his life into risk. But no matter what, he tried his best to save his younger brother in bringing him out of prison. Also, it is taken into consideration about the film demand of the thrill. Many of the scenes carry out thrilling scenes of the area before setting up the climax. One of the best things about the Goog time film is the vision of craftsmanship, devotion & sacrifice. Robert Pattinson only knows that he want to free his younger brother out from prison. He doesn’t have any other plans on his mind. He is likely to do all badly just for sake of 1 good thing; that is save his mentally disabled younger brother from being sent to Rikers Island.

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