What to Expect From the ‘Isle of Dogs’ Film

Wes Anderson, a renowned and modern director, made public his next film; “the Isle of Dogs,” sending the internet and social media abuzz.

About the Director

Wes Anderson has been in the film industry for quite some time. He has authored “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” in 2014 as well as The Fantastic Mr. Fox in the year 2009. The two movies earned multiple Oscar nominations.

As a film director, Anderson adopts a unique style. The films are idiosyncratic, with each of the frames being symmetrical. The use of large and steady cameras make it easier for him to direct the stage and the performers by merely moving the camera.

The movie trailer released in September last year shows that Anderson will use the same style and focus. But with the stop-motion allowing Anderson control over the set and the performers.

About the Movie

The movie revolves its focus around the decision of the mayor to isolate dogs to the “trash island.” A teenage boy, Atari Kobayashi, around twelve years of age, ventures into the island to search for Spot, his dog. Five mutts led by Bryan Cranston, the chief decide to help Atari.

The Cast

The movie boasts of the most star-studded and expensive cast to be seen in the recent days. The film stars include Koyu Rankin, Edward Norton, Bryan Cranston, Courtney B. Vance, Scarlett Johansson, and Bill Murray among others.

What to Expect from the Movie


It’s no secret that Anderson prefers to use some of the actors from his recent films. The inclusion of Edward Norton and Tilda Swinton is the proof for this; all acted “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” With this new film, Wes Anderson is seen to be going about his usual past. However, he has managed to raise the overall cast significantly. With 24 actors showing on the movie’s poster, it is impressive to experience how Anderson maintains that large cast.

The diverse cast; from Japan and America will help the film get the realism and authenticity to sell in the American market.

Darker Territory

If you are looking for same homely charm and sweet episodes of The Fantastic Mr Fox, you better watch elsewhere. At the opening, the trailer makes it clear that the film will not show or possess a similar tone as in Anderson past movies.

The trailer depicts an innocent dog being detained in the cage as the narrator gives a clear and brief description of the film. The film set is a unique society that exiles dogs away from the community and civilization. The usage of dark colour palette helps communicate the theme and the message of the play. The film humour stems from the five main dogs that are apparently tired of being in solitude. They are King, Rex, Boss, Duke, and Chief.


“The Isle of Dogs” will be among the top hit of Wes Anderson when it shows in the theatre. By having the talented cast, fears of anti-diversity will be thoroughly addressed. Do not fail to catch it when it releases in March 2018.

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