Movie Review: Baby Driver

If you are a fan of fast and furious movies but with a little more twist and thrill then Baby Driver is the one you will enjoy the most. Although the title of the movie sounds like a fairytale and feminine, the movie has loads of action, stunts, and mystery in it. So you are surely going to experience one hell of a ride throughout the movie with an amazing storyline and beautiful cinematography. There are a lot of inspiring music tracks that you can enjoy here too.

Star Cast

Apart from a great new story and action-packed sequences, the movie has an amazing cast that adds to success. The movie circles around a character Baby played by Ansel Elgort and his struggle to find redemption. Kevin Spacey is portrayed as a godfather but a very insane and inhuman character who turns out to be the master of all plots. With Jami Foxx’s great balance of fun and sophistication, you are sure to find the team very entertaining. Lily James plays Deborah, a waitress at a local diner who becomes the love of Baby’s life very quickly and easily in the movie.

The Plot

Baby is the guy suffering from acute tinnitus as a result of a car accident in his childhood that took the life of his parents. Due to his severe condition, he hears a constant humming sound inside his ears. To get rid of them, Baby is always hooked to his iPods with every iPod created for different moods and has tracks to fit his moods. So you can listen to those tracks on several occasion during the movie. He is also a great driver with impeccable skills but does the mistake of stealing a car once. It belonged to Doc played by Kevin Spacey, a dangerous criminal. The car had something of great value and Baby is now bound to work for Doc as a compensation for the losses.
Baby’s job is to transport the criminals after their heists and dirty jobs, without getting caught by the cops. Now, this is where it gets thrilling as every team of criminals he picks up is a new challenge until it gets worse when two teams of bad ones join hands to make the deadliest plot. A series of unexpected events occur that make him desperate to escape his criminal life and from the doc.

The Saint Mode

Baby is living with a foster parent who is a black blind man but getting all the love and attention of Baby. He is also very deeply in love with Deborah the waitress and that is when he badly wants to get out and live an American dream with her. But he still has a debt that he owes doc or at least that’s what the doc claims.
Overall, this movie makes fast and furious look boring as there is non-stop action, thrilling moments, twists and adventure. Baby Driver is definitely none of its kind movie that makes you go crazy with never before seen car stunts and action sequences.

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