Nvidia Titan X Pascal Is One Of The Fastest GPU Ever Made

Innovation, creativity and high tech materials have resulted in powerful graphics cards in 2018. The most advanced of these are capable of delivering smooth and seamless images to your computer screen. With modern games demanding clearer and faster image production, the professional gamer has to use some of the most powerful graphics cards available when constructing their rig. A great example of such is the Titan X Pascal. Read on to discover more about it.

Titan X Pascal

Features of the Titan X Pascal

Only available through the official Nvidia web store, the Titan X Pascal is one of the most effective graphics cards released by this manufacturer. It was released to the market on 8th August 2016 and wowed gamers and fans of extreme graphics with its features.

Physical construction

This graphics card is built upon the Pascal architecture. This improved its performance over other cards in the market quite significantly. It has a black cooler which gives it a striking appearance. It also has a pair of power input ports. These include a 6-pin and an additional 8-pin power port. They can provide the unit with sufficient energy to operate effectively.

Upon visual inspection, you can find that the Titan X Pascal is labeled “TITAN X” upon its cooler. Furthermore, it has a logo indicating “GEFORCE GTX” on its side which shines green when the graphics card is on. Not only is this eye-catching, but it also sets this graphics card apart from others in the GeForce range of cards. Both logos indicate that this is a top of the range graphics card from the Nvidia company.


It has a range of ports which provide interface with the computer system. They include a Dual-Link DVI and a HDMI 2.0 port. It also has 3 Display-Port-1.4 ports. These interface features give it enough flexibility such that you can use it with a variety of computer systems. For maximized performance, this graphics card also has an SLI interface. As such, you can use combine it with another graphics card and run them concurrently.

Speed and performance

The Titan X Pascal has 3584 unified pipelines or CUDA cores. Its core speed is pegged at 1418 MHz but can be boosted using the Turbo feature up to 1531 MHz. It can maintain this speed and frequency with no drops during an intense gaming session.

In addition to that, this graphics card has GDDR5X memory installed in it. This runs at a speed of 10,000 MHz which is is sufficient enough to transfer data through a 384-bit memory bus. Upon boosting the card, you can get a maximum of 12288 MB of memory from it. All of this is dedicated, not shared.

The card is compatible with Direct X 12.1. Furthermore, it has 12 billion transistors on it applied over a 12 nm layout in the Pascal architecture. For maximized visual satisfaction, this graphics card can deliver graphic data to your screen at a speed of 480 GB/s. This translates to an FP performance of 11 Teraflops.

Temperature tolerance

Temperature is a very important factor to consider with graphics cards. They often get hot when running at full capacity. Therefore, they are fitted with coolers. The Titan X Pascal has a temperature threshold of 94 degrees Celsius. Moreover, it can handle a power input of up to 250 watts. Upon release, this graphics card retailed at $1,200.

This graphics card from Nvidia is quite versatile. It can be used for regular gaming monitors as well as more exotic setups. For example, it is compatible with a liquid cooling system featuring a 480 mm copper radiator. With its on-board stock cooler, the Titan X Pascal is an ideal choice for such a system. It ensures that heat is dissipated efficiently.

Display compatibility

While gaming, this graphics card delivers crisp, clear graphics with high capability 4K displays. It is even compatible with displays that have a higher preset video resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. As such, this card is perfect for displaying High Definition (HD) games and images.


The Nvidia Titan X Pascal is without a doubt one of the fastest and most powerful graphics cards in the market. It actually performs 30% better than its predecessor, the GeForce GTX 1080. Even if graphics cards which have the 1080 chip can be overclocked to give a faster performance, they are simply not as fast and powerful as the Titan X Pascal.

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