Top 5 Gaming Monitors Under $200

A gaming rig is incomplete until you have the correct gaming monitor in the correct package. Irrespective of how advanced your graphics processing unit and other hardware are, the entire setup is waste without a way of displaying the best gaming visuals. Many people usually think to take gaming monitors to be very expensive, something which is false. There are fine gaming monitors in the market going at a price of just below $200. Most of these gaming monitors are famous models and can serve any one’s gaming needs due to their capability and other stunning features. Reviewed below are the top five gaming monitors below $200 and their unique features.

Acer XF240H-Inch Full HD

If all you are looking for is the best 144hz monitor with a budget below $200 then Acer XF240H-Inch Full HD is your perfect choice gaming monitor. The full-HD monitor brings the aspects of connectivity, feature, as well as a completely lag-free performance. The resolution of this monitor is 1920*1080 and is embedded with a FreeSync Technology. There is also reduced eyestrain due to the inclusion of Flicker Free Technology. There is also a technology known as Acer EyeProtect Technology that offers enhanced viewing experience.



BenQ Zowie 24-Inch Console eSports

The BenQ Zowie 24-Inch Console eSports gaming monitor is considered the overall best gaming monitor in the market at the moment and is below $200. It is among the most famous gaming monitors used mostly by hard-core gamers. Its resolution is 1980*1080. Its 24-inch LED panel, coupled with its 1ms response time provides an immersive gaming experience. Its ZeroFlicker Technology helps to reduce eyestrain thereby providing a seamless gaming experience.


ASUS 24-Inch FreeSync Gaming Monitor

If all you need is a cheap free-synchronization monitor for gaming, then the ASUS 24-Inch FreeSync Gaming Monitor should come first in the list. This gaming monitor has high-end specifics and features. For one, it has a full HD FreeSync resolution (1920*1080) that is backed by a 1ms response time. The inclusion of GameFast Input Technology in this gaming monitor offers an enhanced experience. Additionally, it offers benefits such as cable management and easier setup due to its dual HDMI Ports.



Dell SE2416HX 23.8-Inch LED-Lit IPS Monitor

Technically, Dell SE2416HX 23.8-Inch LED-Lit IPS Monitor is not a gaming monitor. However, it is a high-quality IPS monitor offering wonderful viewing angles. It is the perfect choice gaming monitor for those who are looking for the above features. Its screen resolution is 1920*1080 and gives an ultra-wide viewing of 178 degrees. Reflections do not bother viewers while gaming since the screen is so clear. It is a good choice for multitasking.


Acer GN246HL 24-Inch 3D Display Gaming Monitor

The Acer GN246HL 24-Inch 3D Display Gaming Monitor is another gaming monitor going for a below $200 price that is recommended for hard-core gamers. Its 24-inch gaming display incorporates powerful hardware and software features. There is no visible lag. Its 1920*1080 resolution is backed by a 1ms response time. The monitor also includes a 144Hz refresh rate that is very useful for 3D gaming. Lastly, the monitor is energy-efficient making it also useful for home entertainment purposes. Transitions are so quick that you cannot observe much lags or screen-tearing irrespective of the game you are playing.

This article has analyzed the top five gaming monitors under $200. The most useful feature of each monitor has been discussed and thus, making the right choice from the above products is of paramount importance. Some of the features you might be looking for in a gaming monitor include response time, refresh rate, extensive connectivity options, immersive gaming experience, size, and resolution among other features. Selecting one from the above products, based on your preferences, can effectively serve your gaming needs.

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